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Hoshizaki is widely considered to be one of the worlds leading manufacturers of ice machines, with over 60 years experience in creating the worlds best ice.

Product engineering, manufacture quality control, and use of quality internal components are what makes Hoshizaki ice machines an industry leader.

Hoshizaki ice machine parts are engineered exclusively for each ice maker and their storage bins are foam injected, and include insulated doors with gaskets. These unique doors create a closed environment for the production of ice to occur in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Hoshizaki ice machines consistently and reliably create exceptional ice. Key qualities of the ice include:

  • is clear and hard, not cloudy;
  • presents very well, particularly in spirit drinks;
  • has the highest displacement than any other ice;
  • retains its shape; the cube ice is a genuine cube;
  • the crescent ice allows pouring and nipping of spirits without splash;
  • doesn't bridge while in the ice storage bin;
  • has the slowest melt rate, because it is clear and hard.

Hoshizaki is backed with an extensive factory warranty.

  • Flake Ice Makers
    Produces premium dry flake ice. Dry flake ice cools more quickly than other types of ice and moulds to any shape easily. High cooling power - Ice maker produces ice at low production costs, saving you money. Attractive stainless steel exterior - Robust design delivers longer...

  • Cubelet Ice Dispensers
    Produces premium quality cublet ice. Cublet ice is easy to chew. Dispenses ice and water separately. Gives you the option of being able to serve ice, water or a combination of both. Push button operation. Easy to operate, self serve, and sanitary to prevent contamination...