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Cubelet Ice Dispensers

Produces premium quality cublet ice. Cublet ice is easy to chew. Dispenses ice and water separately. Gives you the option of being able to serve ice, water or a combination of both. Push button operation. Easy to operate, self serve, and sanitary to prevent contamination.

Specifically designed long life main parts. Means longer machine life, fewer repairs, less maintenance and reduced machine downtime. Smart and compact. Ideal for use in healthcare, hospitals, offices, factories, schools or cafeterias.

  • Hoshizaki DCM-60KE-P
    Hoshizaki DCM-60KE-P
    The DCM-60KE-P ice and water dispenser produces up to 60kg of cubelet ice a day and has a 1.9kg storage capacity...

  • Hoshizaki DCM-120KE-P
    Hoshizaki DCM-120KE-P
    The Hoshizaki DCM-120KE-P ice and water dispenser produces up to 125kg of cubelet ice a day and has a 4kg ice storage capacity...

  • Hoshizaki DB-200H
    Hoshizaki DB-200H
    The Hoshizaki DB-200H cube dispenser has a storage capacity of 90kg and dispenses at 5kg per minute...